How to create a blue status on facebook

How to create a blue status on facebook you can see here, it is very simple and easy to do.
This is the code;

@@[2:[0:2:your status]]

change your status of your comment and enter the code in the box / box status or comment

try and enjoy it :)


Facebook Chat Emoticons Code Gallery

Facebook Chat Emoticons Code Gallery you can see here. Facebook has recently issued several new Facebook Chat Emoticons, if we write them in the comment box or chat with code: poop: it will display the image of dirt, and the writing (y) thumb image will appear (the code does not work if ditampilan provider or phone) for Facebook Chat Emoticons Code the other you can see below:

Copy the code below and paste in chat (not running in the comment box / status)

[[iidislyk]] - Dislike
[[midfing]] - midle finger
[[171108522930776]] - Troll face
[[211782832186415]] - Me Gusta
[[143220739082110]] - Are You Fucking Kidding Me
[[1680408465586189]] - Feel like a sir
[[169919399735055]] - Not bad Obama
[[142670085793927]] - Mother of God
[[170815706323196]] - Cereal Guy
[[168456309878025]] - LOL Face
[[167359756658519]] - NO Guy
[[14933336846417]] - Yao Ming
[[224812970902314]] - Derp
[[192644604154319]] - Derpina
[[177903015598419]] - Forever Alone
[[148578318584679]] - It's Okay!
[[219611504753863]] - ALL the y
[[305710872791586]] - Impossibruh
[[145768898802324]] - Rage Face
[[309795212383816]] - Watch out, badass
[[129627277060203]] - Poker face
[[67253243887]] - Justin Bieber
[[ladygaga]] - Lady GaGa
[[eminem]] - Eminem
[[zuck]] - Mark Zuckerberg
[[105387672833401]] - FUCK YEAH
[[161751797197606]] - CHUCK NORRIS
[[129627277060203]] - POKER FACE
[[100002727365206]] - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
[[139407806171115]] - Dislike Icon
[[333181686710881]] - Like Icon
[[180601488705317]] - Inverted Like Icon
[[249199828481201]] - Konata Izumi
[[250128751720149]] - Domo Kun
[[223328504409723]] - Gintoki Sakata
[[236147243124900]] - Pokeball
[[326134990738733]] - Pikachu
[[155393057897143]] - Doraemon
[[224502284290679]] - Nobita
[[144685078974802]] - Mojacko
[[334954663181745]] - Spongebob
[[196431117116365]] - Shin chan
[[148935948523684]] - Pedo Bear
[[269153023141273]] - Poring
[[332936966718584]] - Hello Kitty
[[252497564817075]] - Kerokeroppi
[[297354436976262]] - Santa Claus
[[157680577671754]] - Angry Bird
[[345533462139449]] - bete
[[308300382542918]] - calm
[[309626999060642]] - dan2
[[263022747090798]] - hai
[[200102950080196]] - hwa
[[158227984284324]] - mad
[[114550798664378]] - mo
[[299734090065127]] - omg
[[350421394973827]] - shy
[[208296672587372]] - doa
[[157844747656241]] - etc
[[158207970952008]] - groa
[[241721525896214]] - grr
[[113519815433465]] - hepi
[[239939099411255]] - joke
[[346508562029170]] - kdip
[[185298018232820]] - mbok
[[239249926147852]] - phew
[[332418196786941]] - shok
[[328430820514942]] - tear
[[222287944513884]] - we
[[164481350318329]] - win
[[330544910308348]] - zzz
[[267658843290223]] - hoeh
[[180154485416003]] - ;:)
[[221390677938174]] - swet
[[269394746450013]] - TT
[[222023621206273]] - uhuk
[[346372985378735]] - luph
[[187322684697844]] - tida
[[208533842565519]] - cuih
[[266659030060927]] - down


[[196920740401785]] - A
[[113544575430999]] - B
[[294715893904555]] - C
[[294660140569858]] - D
[[328415510520892]] - E
[[270221906368791]] - F
[[212614922155016]] - G
[[205633882856736]] - H
[[256255337773105]] - I
[[288138264570038]] - J
[[296999947008863]] - K
[[216672855078917]] - L
[[278786215503631]] - M
[[241341589270741]] - N
[[312524205448755]] - O
[[200138403410055]] - P
[[165410113558613]] - Q
[[203403609746433]] - R
[[334427926570136]] - S
[[250632158335643]] - T
[[285985351447161]] - U
[[343627398996642]] - V
[[315740851791114]] - W
[[136342506479536]] - X
[[224173507657194]] - Y
[[317710424919150]] - Z

Try it


Set of Tools for Malware Analysis

Set of Tools for Malware Analysis can you see here. Malware is malicious and unwanted programs that can damage a computer system, inhibits internet access and the most dangerous of which is to steal information such as passwords and credit card no us.

These types of malware such as trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, adware, rootkits and so on.
Complete set of links to download the tool / tools malware analysis / anti malware analysis / sypware analysis / worm analysis / analysis adware / trojan analysis / packet analysis / analysis keylogger / rootkit analysis / malware analyzer / anti malware analyzer / sypware analyzer / analyzer worm / adware analyzer / trojan analyzer / packet analyzer / analyzer keylogger / rootkit analyzer:

For Virtualization
VMWare -
VirtualBox -
Sandboxie -
For Debugging
OllyDbg -
Immunity Debugger -
Windbg -
Pydbg -
For Assembly
WinAsm (IDE) -
For Disassembler
IDA (5.0) -
IDAPython -
For the analysis of PE [Portable Executable]
PEView - ~ WJR /
PEBrowse -
LordPE -
ImpRec -
PEid -
For Process Analysis
ProcMon -
Process Explorer -
For Network Analysis
Wireshark -
TCPView -
For File and Registry Monitoring
Capturebat -
InstallWatchPro -
FileMon -
CFFexplorer -
Notepad -
Dependency Walker -
Sysinternal Tools -
Dev C -
Microsoft Visual C -
VirusTotal -

Hopefully the above set of tools can be useful for all


How to Maximize Data Transfer Speed ​​Internet

How to Maximize Data Transfer Speed ​​Internet you can see here. Data transfer speeds are needed for us who actively use the internet. Internet speed is dependent on the speed of the Internet connection provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and data transfer from the modem to the computer.

One advantage to maximize data transfer speeds can certainly make the browser faster when accessing the internet sob. This trick works by maximizing the cache settings on the internet, registry tweaks, etc..

here's how:

  1. Download TCP Speed ​​Booster software (this software can be found on google)
  2. Install and run the TCP Speed ​​Booster software that you have downloaded earlier
  3. select the 'Boost Connection'
  4. At the option 'backup registry' you choose 'yes' and select next
  5. Next on the Select Connection Speed ​​Internet speed you choose what you want, and select 'next' then the TCP Speed ​​Booster will start internet based maximize speed Internet connection you have chosen earlier.
  6. Once the process is complete, click the 'finished'
  7. Then select 'restart' to restart your computer in order to get the effect

If there are problems while maximizing the speed of the internet or not an increase in performance on your computer, you can restore the settings to their original position by clicking 'restore registry' in the software TCP Speed ​​Booster

it is very easy, try it :)


How to optimize facebook fan page to SEO

How to optimize facebook fan page to SEO, you can see here. Facebook is one of the largest social media today. Currently Facebook gives service called fun page, where we are to have fun and be creative. media turns fun page can be optimized for SEO.
Here is an example of how a search engine would index your page:

SEO Title = Your fan page name
Meta Description = Fan page name + the About section of your page
H1 = Your fan page name

SEO Title is Your Page Name
If you didn’t consider keyword optimization when you created it, and you have less than 100 fans, you’re in luck. You can still change your page’s name. What you will want to keep in mind is that your branding may be more important than your keyword rankings, especially if you want people to be able to find you if they are searching your brand.

Meta Description is Your Page Name + Your About Description

To edit your About information to make a great Meta Description, go to your page and Edit Page > Basic Information, and fill in the About field with a 140 character description like you would with any website Meta Description.

If you’re concerned about optimizing your updates while considering them as individual pages under the umbrella of your fan page, then you might want to consider sticking some keywords right at the beginning of your comment. So if you’re posting an update about keyword research, just start the update with keyword research. It is a simple, effective way to keyword optimize each update.

 it's so simple, try it


How to Create Automated Blog Content Based Label

How to Create Automated Blog Content Based Label in blogspot is one of the ways used by the bloggers. The way is easy. For those who are interested in me aka show it to you.

Things you should do is first First entry into your Blogger account. Open the menu and then we Posts Posting or click New Entry or New Post. Upon entry into the post editor page in HTML mode instead select Compose. Then copy and paste the code below into the post editor page:

<script src=""></script><script src=";alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=loadtoc"></script>

Replace my blog adress ( text above with your blog address. Save and Preview the results.

if you want to use the scroll function as content becomes too much and take too much space (extends downward), they can use this code to change the domain address with your domain address:

<div style="overflow:auto; border: 1px solid #000000; margin: auto; padding: 3px; width: 100%; height: 500px; background-color: none; text-align: left;"> <script src=""></script><script src=";alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=loadtoc"></script></div>

That is all the way, it is easy enough :)
try if you are interested


How to Create Automated Blog Content By Date Posted

How to Create Automated Blog Content By Date Posted on blogspot is pretty exciting for us all know. Today I will try to tell you how. for those who are interested to try, please try. it's simple

We live it:

First, go to your blogger account, open the menu and then we Posts Post or click the New Entry or New Post. Upon entry into the post editor page in HTML mode instead select Compose. Then copy and paste the code below into the post editor page:

<script src=""></script><script src="<b></b>/feeds/posts/default?max-results=999&amp;alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=loadtoc"></script>

Replace my blog adress ( text above with your blog address . Save and Preview the results. Here are the contents of the list view by posting date.

Just as in the previous tutorial article, if you want to add scroll function then simply use the code below:

<script src=""></script><script src="<b></b>/feeds/posts/default?max-results=999&amp;alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=loadtoc"></script>
Replace my blog adress ( text above with your blog address

so, made ​​it easy, try

Tips Before Starting an Online Business

Tips Before Starting an Online Business you can see here. Popular today will give tips to those who intend to participate in online business. Online business is very lucrative, but none were so easy.

In the virtual world are so many opportunities to earn from online business. Kind also varied as PTC, PPC, PTR, PTS, MLM Online, etc.. Value of investment or capital cost of the free variety, tens of thousands, hundreds of millions of rupiahpun available there. In doing so we must always required to be cautious and do not let one pick. Because in doing business online is not as easy to reverse the hands. Never mind that beginners master already had title was definitely still have problem in running or starting a business online. That is why here in this post I want to share to co - all the way - a way or tips on how to choose the online business opportunities in the investment that we will not be deceived and disappointed.

These tips before we start or jump into Business Online:

1. Begin Everything With Intention. If you already have a minimum commitment or intention to start an online business, please continue to read the second and subsequent tips below but if not, please close this page and do not ever open a blog or page back.

2. Do not Choose the Cat in the Bag. Choose a business website online real investment, the system works is clear, honest, open, transparent and no one covered - cover. Instead of prejudice, hate, and to be honest I do not like when there are sites online that offer business benefits are such that we are interested to join in it, but when we want to know the system works, we are required to register and activation of members first. Be - careful with online sites like this one because it is likely a fraud. If you need to check the correctness email address, phone number and office admin investments.

3. Do not be tempted Easy. Out there that offer a lot of online businesses that make no sense. For example my friend certainly never find ads like these "payday housewife 10 million per day just working for 30 minutes per day, click here to join" or something like "Wanna just a click ads paid up to $ 500 per day, find the answer here ". As pretty ad - the ad is promising profits. But the question is whether the online business was as easy as that? hell yes in the era of globalization and rapidly growing IT what the heck is not possible. But I do not think there is an online business that makes us rich or wealthy in an instant suddenly. If we do we want to be successful, we must always pray and keep trying, as well as the areas of online business.

4. Follow Progress and Not Ashamed To Ask. Prior to joining, follow the development of online business site is still worth the investment is to be followed or not. See how many members who join, see also the age or the age of the online business site. If still in doubt ask the forum - kaskus forum like Yahoo Answers and ask Google. Because if we do not follow the previous where we know the site still exists or is dying or scam.

5. Always Thinking Positive. Times have changed and continue to evolve. It is no doubt that the existing IT names where - where and in all things needed. And thoughts - the negative thoughts you have to throw away - far away from everyday life - your day. The more you believe in thinking - thinking people are skeptical of online business, the farther you also lose the potential to generate income from the virtual world. Outside there is a lot of our friends who are already successful with an online business. Rest assured that we too could do it too, and it all depends on our hard work. If you believe the negative thoughts then negative results also alias 0 even below 0. However, if you believe in your positive thoughts then the result becomes possible

Those are some tips before starting an online business. Furthermore, up to you :)

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